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How sourcing a full house agency can get you better marketing results.

As a small to medium enterprise, it’s often the case where you build up a retinue of marketing service providers. If you’ve been there and done that, you’ll recognise the following situation-

You’ve got your Video Team from the shoot your previous CEO ordered in 2016, your Organic Social Team that’s gone in-house, your Google Ads company that’s just signed a new retainer and your SEO team that you ‘had to appoint’ before your new site went live.

Suddenly, you’ve got multiple people to brief prior to every campaign, meaning project management and admin time balloons in scope. You’ve also got siloed development, as each project team (often from competing agencies) works in isolation to their own ends. Even if this all goes off without a hitch, you’ll find your suppliers in a conflict of interest situation- each is fighting for their piece of the pie and justifying their budget, without putting your business goals first. That’s without the ‘baffling with bullshit’ that goes on in the more technical areas such as development and ads management.

Now, diverse teams can bring their own positives. They often are deeply effective in their field, and offer a depth of knowledge that can provide serious benefits to your business. However, unless you’re a large company, finding the budget for a highly competent Brand/Marketing Manager or Agency of Record to oversee multiple service providers and report back to you can be a challenge.

By appointing a full house agency like Coffee Creative Studio, efficiencies suddenly come back into play. With a central reporting and responsibility point, you know exactly where to start, and where the buck stops. Most importantly, it allows you to be budget agnostic- probably the best way to get more results for your marketing budget. A central agency is not fighting for any one channel, so is free to monitor, adapt, and shift to the best performing areas, optimising your efforts to the most effective areas.

Are you being worn down by managing a full fleet of marketing offerings, and don’t know which ones are actually working? Contact us today to see how we can help to streamline and optimise your marketing efforts.

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