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Have you noticed how everything looks super easy when someone else does it? You look at something that a mate needs to get done and think to yourself, “it’s not that big of a deal, it shouldn’t take them very long to do.” Then you try to do it yourself: cut to you hours later realising you’re a little in over your head. Hands up if you’re guilty of this.

That same illusion exists around Social Media Marketing. A lot of people (bless their souls) think that they can successfully manage social media for businesses because they just REALLY love to post on Facebook and Instagram. Next thing you know, they hit the streets running with no idea of what they are doing, or any sense of what marketing really is. Their images are pixelated and don’t work with the dimensions of the platforms, captions are full of spelling and grammatical errors and worse, the content has absolutely nothing to do with the brand.

We could make a list longer than Santa’s of the damaging effects that this can have on your brand, but we wouldn’t want to scare you.

The truth is that social media marketing, if done right, is incredibly complex. At Coffee Creative Studio we have teams of Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Strategists, Social Media Managers, Videographers, Content Creators and Account Managers, all of whom play a vital role in successful Social Media Marketing. They are trained experts who spend hours strategising, planning, creating, implementing, managing and improving to ensure that everything that we do supports the objective of our clients.

We follow a strict process, because we’re professionals:

Planning – This is where we ask questions: Where is the brand now? Where do we want to take it? Who is the intended audience? What is our objective? How do we achieve it? Which platforms will work best?

Content Creation – We outline the kinds of content that will populate the pages. Graphics, copywriting, videos and how the mechanics of each platform can support the delivery of our content are all determined, then we build monthly content matrices accordingly.

Design  – Artwork is developed from scratch, with the visuals and look and feel aligning with the CI of the brand. Design psychology drives the creative direction as we consider what appeals most to the audience, while still being ‘on brand’.

Copywriting – Messaging to support the artwork is written using engaging copy that matches the tone, voice, personality and identity of the brand.

Approvals – Clients review the content plan developed and make any suggestions, changes or additions.

Reverts – All client amendments are made and the content plan is signed off.

Posting – Content is posted across the various platforms and boosted for greater reach and impressions if so desired. Posts go out according to dates and times when audience impressions are predicted to be high.

Community Management – Here we engage with followers on the page, responding to comments, requests and leads, and build healthy relationships between the brand and its audience like PR pros. Because social media never sleeps, we put measures in place to ensure that page management is always on.

Reporting – We compile page reports for clients to measure the effectiveness of our efforts and use that data as a springboard to improve and grow.

This process is followed each month, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Social media is always changing; implementing new features, changing formats and policies. We make it our business to stay up-to-date on these changes, because it is our business – and it affects our clients business. We re-strategise accordingly and come up with various ways to integrate these new trends into our overall plans moving forward.

The clients who entrust their marketing to us recognise that social media marketing is more than just posting to social accounts. They see our drive for achieving their business goals. Unlike individuals who don’t have passion for social media marketing, they know that we won’t leave them high and dry when a better offer comes along, or we get bored. Because when it comes to making a success of their business, smart business owners know to never take unnecessary risks. They trust in the pros. We would, so should you.

Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how we can take your social media marketing to levels that only the Coffee Creative Studio specialists know how to reach.

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